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Bodegas Altanza

Altanza olijfolie 0,5l

Altanza olijfolie 0,5l

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Arbequina olijf.



A natural olive oil


Finca Barbarés

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil under the brand of Altanza is a natural product exclusively obtained from physical procedures. It is remarkable its intensity of senses and smooth taste which makes this olive oil perfect for offering it as raw, or to rub the modern gastronomy’s creations, as well as traditional recipes.

So as to foster the development of organic farming, as a way of preserving and transmitting the respect for the human being and nature to our future generations, we do not use any chemical fertilizers or herbicides, which may generate toxic waste. This is way we got the Certified Quality of Organic Olive Oil entering the DO Rioja of organic olive oils, as well as getting recognized by the Spanish Minister of Agriculture.


Organoleptic Properties


Grown in La Rioja

Calories 9 Kcal/g * 126 gr.
Saturated fatty acids 14.98% * 2.1 gr.
Unsaturated fatty acids 85.2% * 11.9 gr.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 8.62% * 1.2 gr.
Monounsaturated fatty acid content 76.40% * 10.7 gr.
Cholesterol 0% * 0%
Sodium 0% * 0%
Carbohydrates 0% * 0%
Protein 0% * 0%
* 14 gr. oil

The Altanza Organic olive oil has been produced in the very heart of Rioja, in our field called Hacienda Barbarés, which is located in a perfect micro clime and a clay soil.

As mentioned befote our olive trees are not treated in a harmful way, we always respect nature and the environment getting the best quality and flavours of it, and creating a real ecosystem together with our vineyards. .

ALTANZA is a cold gotten virgen extra oil, bottled without filtering it to maintain all its organoleptic properties. It has to be kept in a cool dry place at a controlled temperature of 15ºC.



Using olive oils has lots of benefits


Average score 8,5%

According to the Spanish Chart of Agriculture and Fishing our olive oil has been rated with an average of 85/100

Fruity flavour of the olive 3.5 70.0%
Fruity flavour of other fruitss 2.6 51.0%
Ripe green apple 1.5 29.0%
Leaves, green grass 2.0 39.0%
Ripe Green Almond 2.6 51.0%
Bitter 1.0 19.0%
Spicy 2.4 47.0%
Almond 2.4 47.0%
Sweet 3.0 60.0%
Astringent/ Rough 0.0 0.0%
Hay/wood 0.0 0.0%
Others 0.3 5.0%

There has not been found any negative aspect like metallic, bad temperature, dirtiness or acidity in the analysis.

Monosaturated fats are a very important property of any Virgin Extra Olive Oil because they help reducing levels of bad cholesterol in our blood, avoiding the hardening of the arteries, improving circulation of blood and avoiding tomb forming which may cause myocardial infarction and severe strokes.

Virgin Extra Olive Oil facilitates the rapid take up of vitamins and minerals while doing our digestion, protecting the mucus's membranes and stimulating the gall bladder.

It also blocks free radicals that are responsible of our cellular ageing, arteriosclerosis, degenerative arthropathies and some tumours.

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